Actions in the insurance case

Medical recourse

If you need medical assistance, first contact the assistance company using the contacts specified in your insurance policy.


Contact the Customer Service Center

Please contact assistance company in any convenient manner. Contacts are listed on your insurance policy.


Provide information

  1. Surname, first name and middle name.
  2. Policy number, the validity terms and validity territory.
  3. The circumstances of the incident and what help is needed.
  4. Location and telephone number.

Get help

Wait for a response from our company and follow the instructions.


If you are unable to contact the assistance company before getting health care treatment, please make sure to call it at the first available opportunity.

Self-scheduled appointment

Unless absolutely necessary, do not refer to a medical facility on your own.

If treatment is required, ask the doctor (or administration) for a detailed medical report with details of the examination, diagnosis, and complete list of treatment received. Also, keep prescriptions for medication and receipts from the pharmacy. If you need to relinquish a prescription to the pharmacy, take a picture of the document.

Process Step1
Process Step2

Your location

Before calling assistance company, make sure you have information about your location:

  • address and full name of the hotel
  • hotel reception phone number
  • your room number at the hotel

If you live in the private sector try to clarify your zip code. This information speeds up the identification of your location and allows us to choose the nearest medical center where you can get health care.

Hospital location

If you are calling assistance company from the hospital, please prepare the following information in advance:

  • department, where you are at
  • name and address of the hospital
  • contact phone number and fax

This will speed up the connection with medical center.

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