True vacation starts with the right insurance

With the insurance policy and Balt Assistance Ltd. your travel will be safe and secure

We are working for you - travel assistance 24/7

We organize emergency medical care

We offer reliable service, which creates calm

Strange, but true!

Many travelers neglect buying an insurance policy before traveling abroad

In this case they can face many unforseen expenses: medical assistance, emergency hospitalization, trip cancellation, loss of baggage. But all these costs can cover an insurance policy for travelers.

Why do you need insurance?

Basic terms of insurance include following unforeseen expenses:

Emergency Assistance

Insurance payments in the amount of the cost of emergency medical care

Inpatient treatment

Insurance payments in the amount of the cost of medical services rendered during hospitalization

Medicines purchase

Insurance payments in the amount of the cost of medicines prescribed by a doctor

Loss of luggage / documents

Insurance payments in the amount of the insured value of the lost baggage, but not exceeding the sum insured

Our partners

Reliable insurance policy you can buy in any insurance company that caters Balt Assistance Ukraine

Partners of Balt Assistance Ukraine

Indispensable traveller's helper

Mobile application "Call&Travel"

This is an opportunity to quickly profit by insurance policy when the insured event anywhere in the world independently of Internet connection

Useful tips

First-Aid kit, medical phrase-book and advice for travelers

Insured event

Actions in the insurance case. A convenient way to declare the insurance case

Photo documents

Important documents storage

Immediate connection

Fast and free communication with the insurance and assistance company


Latest travel news. Tour operators and insurance companies special offers

Insurance Company

Information about travel insurance is always in your disposal

"Call&Travel" App

Download the app before your trip

Launch the application and follow the 6 simple steps to prepare for the journey

Take a picture of the passport

Take a picture of the policy

Fill in the profile

Assemble a First-Aid kit

Read the insurance rules

Read the insurance program

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