What to pay attention to

While purchasing policy

Note the exceptions provided by insurance contract

Pay attention on the insurance program to know the limits and conditions for coverage of different types of medical care

If during your trip you are planning active recreation, sports (including extreme sports), be sure to inform the insurer about this in order to guarantee coverage of medical care in case of an injury.

Before the trip


To avoid additional costs abroad it will be useful to take a First-Aid kit with medicines on the diseases that are not covered by the insurance policy

Insurance policy

Carefully examine the insurance policy. To apply for medical help you will need to tell:

  • policy series / number
  • the area of the policy
  • insurance duration
  • insurance program

Find the right information on the policy in advance - it will help to reduce the time and cost of telephone conversations with assistance company

Ways of communication

Ways of contacting the insurance company are indicated on the insurance policy or on the website of the insurance company

During the trip

The area of the policy

Insurance policy with the territory of coverage "Schengen" is not valid in some countries of the European Union!

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The area of the policy
  1. This is the country or location mentioned in the insurance contract, it can't be country of your domicile or citizenship. The insurance is valid only on territory specified in the insurance contract.
  2. The area of insurance sets by agreement between the Insurer and the Insured.
  3. The Insurance Contract is valid outside the country of permanent residence of the Policyholder/Insured person, in the country (countries) specified in the Insurance Contract.

Additional risks

If you are planing to work, to practice outdoor activities or sports it is necessary to pay an additional coefficient. It increases the cost of insurance, but guarantees the medical care coverage in case of injury.


If according to your policy you have a franchise, while getting medical help this sum must be paid for on your own without further compensation.

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Unconditional franchise

The insurance contract may foresee a franchise per every insurance case - it is part of the damage that is not reimbursed by the Insurer. In this case insurer will effect insurance payment that exceed the franchise sum.

Insurance program

Ask agent limits and conditions of different types of medical care coverage. Some insurance programs do not include dental care, outpatient treatment or medicines.

Policy duration

The annual policy is usually valid for 90 days during the year. In this case if your total trips duration exceed 90 days, your policy is invalid.

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Policy duration
  1. Policy duration is set by agreement between the Insurer and the Insured.
  2. The insurance contract comes into force from the date set in the insurance contract as the day of the insurance contract commencement, but after fulfill of two conditions: 1. premium payment (by cash or credit card) 2. leaving by Insured / Insurant of country of domicile.
  3. The insurance contract ends with the date of entry of the Insured / Insured person to the country of residence, but not later than the date of expiration of the Contract.
  4. Within the term of the insurance contract the residence time may be limited. The duration of stay abroad may be equal to the period of insurance or less of it.
  5. Term of the Agreement can not exceed 381 days.
  6. If the insurance contract provides for multiple trips, the Insurer shall be liable within the number of days specified in the Contract. Each travel abroad the duration of insurance protection is automatically reduced by number of days spent by the Insured person on the territory of the Insurance Contract.

Purchasing online insurance

The insurance policy purchased online takes effect after 3-5 days from the date of issue. Purchasing online insurance after the insured case has taken place is a violation of the insurance contract.