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The most frequently asked questions concerning travel insurance are given below

Medical care, urgent hospitalization, trip cancellation, baggage loss - a lot of unexpected expenses may arise during vacation. With travel insurance policy you can relax knowing that if something goes wrong, your expenses will be covered by insurance company.
We recommend purchasing an insurance policy whenever you plan to travel abroad. It is better to specify the maximum insurance amount, since in some life situations 30,000 euros may not be enough to receive treatment or transportation. You can buy an insurance policy on the insurance company's website.
To receive compensation for self-paid expenses, you must submit an application to the insurance company specified in the policy. Fill out the questionnaire on the insurance company's website and send it to the email address indicated on the insurance policy or take it to the nearest office of your insurance company.

To receive compensation for self-paid expenses, you must provide:

  • a copy of the insurance policy;
  • a copy of the passport;
  • medical report indicating the diagnosis, examination and treatment data;
  • medical care bill;
  • prescription for medicines;
  • medicines bill.

Please note that different types of insurance may require different documents (for example, invoices, receipts, police report). You can check the full list of all documents with your insurance company by the contacts specified in the insurance policy.

You can acquire the insurance policy when you buy travel package, book a hotel or a flight. Also insurance policy is acquired when you apply for a visa. If you travel a lot, you acquire an insurance policy with a validity period 1 year and with the maximum number of days abroad.
Diseases or injures, suffered or reported by Policy Holder while being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be covered.