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The most frequently asked questions concerning travel insurance are given below

Medical care, urgent hospitalization, trip cancellation, baggage loss - a lot of unexpected expenses may arise during vacation. With travel insurance policy you can relax knowing that if something goes wrong, your expenses will be covered by insurance company.
In order to compensate for expenses, it is necessary to file an application to insurance company. Fill out an application form and email it to the address written on the insurance policy or report to the nearest office of your insurance company. You can also send an application form using «Call&Travel" application. Download an application form

n order to compensate for expenses, it is necessary to present following documentation:

  • copy of insurance policy;
  • copy of international passport (page with a photo and visa);
  • medical report with diagnosis, data of medical examination and treatment;
  • bill for medical treatment;
  • prescription;
  • bill for medication.

Please note that depending on type of insurance different documentation may be necessary (e.g. VAT invoice, receipts, police report). Full list of documentation You can specify in your insurance company or in Balt Assistance Ukraine.

f Balt Assistance Ukraine is noted on your insurance policy, in order to receive urgent medical care all over the world, please Contact us by any means of communication:

  • Phone call;
  • "Call&Travel" mobile application;
  • Skype;
  • E-mail;
  • SMS;

You can find Contacts on your insurance policy.

Our professional call-center operators, in the shortest period of time, will organize for you the medical treatment, visit to the nearest medical facility or embassy or medical evacuation and will keep you in touch with your family in situations of extreme urgency.

n case of hospitalization or outpatient treatment, you are REQUIRED to report to Balt Assistance Ukraine within the shortest possible period of time. You can report to assistance personally or person who is around you can do it.

Call-Center of Balt Assistance Ukraine
works 24/7.

Things you are necessary to report to Balt Assistance Ukraine:

  • Insurance policy number;
  • Contact phone number and your location / hotel or hospital name;
  • Reason for your call;
  • In case you got sick or was wounded, it is necessary to inform Balt Assistance Ukraine in detail about medical procedures you have already taken;
You can acquire the insurance policy when you buy travel package, book a hotel or a flight. Also insurance policy is acquired when you apply for a visa. If you travel a lot, you acquire an insurance policy with a validity period 1 year and with the maximum number of days abroad.
Diseases or injures, suffered or reported by Policy Holder while being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be covered.