Subrogation - examples

In February 2015 the insured with an insurance policy of Balt Assistance Ltd. was traveling from the village of Ao-Nang in Krabi (Kingdom of Thailand) on their rented motorcycle with a passenger.

Towards the insured was driving a Mercedes car, which lost control on the wet road, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a move in the opposite direction of the motorcycle.

Insured with his companion were hospitalized at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket with fractures and multiple injuries.

The cost of treatment in the hospital for 6 days was 18 300 USD.

Immediately after the registration of the insurance case, the lawyers of Balt Assistance Ltd. made contact with the police station of Krabi and send a representative. The documents indicated that the full and unequivocal fault is of the second participant accident, car driving Mercedes. The police had also received information about the liability insurance of the owner of the vehicle. The Specialists of Balt Assistance Ltd. formed and submitted a request to the guilty insurance company , the answer to which confirmed the validity of the insurance policy of the person.

As a result of the negotiations, which lasted for 5 days, experts of the Legal Department Balt Assistance Ltd. managed to achieve full recognition of the responsibility of the Thai insurer on the insured case.

The Payment for full course of treatment of the insured person and his passenger was made by the Thai Insurance Company for 1 day prior to the discharge of patients, thereby completely freeing the partner insurance company Balt Assistance Ltd. of the need to make the insurance payment. The Insurance case was closed at the time of discharge from the hospital.