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Subrogation efficiency

Effective use of subrogation allows the insurance company to significantly reduce the percentage of loss and optimize their costs.

With a successful subrogation the insurer liberates additional funds that can be used as an investment in the development and rise the popularity of insurance products.

Service area – WORLDWIDE

Our resources

Legal employees

Qualified lawyers, speaking more than 12 foreign languages.

Affiliate lawyers

Network partnership of lawyers in the most countries.

Experts Network

Network partner experts, appraisers and surveyors.

Our pride

Countless years of experience with the motor bureau and major insurance companies of the European Union.

Balt Assistance Ltd.

Unique assistance service professionally specializing in providing legal assistance in subrogation.

Exercising the right of subrogation

Handling claims for the compensation of the expenses paid within the insurance sum to the causer of damage or his insurance company.

Preparation and filing cases, court representation throughout the world.

Subrogation in the field of travel insurance

Effective use of subrogation for all claims could allow the insurer to significantly reduce the percentage of loss of travel insurance products.

Practical examples


In September 2014 in Germany took place an accident involving a vehicle Lexus, the insured under the policy CASCO. The total amount of insurance payment reached to more than 18 000 EUR.

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In February 2015 in Thailand took place an accident involving a Mercedes and a tourist`s rented motorbike. The tourist was admitted to the hospital with multiple injuries and fractures. The cost of treatment in the hospital constituted 18 300 USD.

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In September 2014 in France took place an accident, in which the insured suffered serious injuries that required long-term treatment and medical evacuation. Total expenditure amount constituted more than 93 000 EUR.

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In July 2015 in Serbia took place an accident involving a truck insured under the CASCO policy. The cost of repairing the vehicle was more than 20 000 EUR.

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Statistics for 2014

There were handled more than 450 cases of subrogation from 40 insurance companies as "Rosgosstrakh", "AXA", "PZU Insurance", "Ergo Insurance", "Vienna Insurance Group"


Total refunds


Successfully subrogation cases

Our benefits

No need for advance payments and deposits

All fees are paid only in % of the actual amounts collected from debtors.

Free expertise of documents

Preliminary conclusion and analysis of subrogation cases carried for insurer for free.

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